Monday, February 1, 2016

Behind The Crazy TUT
by Dark

This TuT is made for people with a working knowledge of PSP.
It is from my head and any similarities to others tuts are purely coincidence.
No Scrap Kits were killed in the making of this tag I did use a pillow under the tube cause she didn't look comfortable lol
 but feel free to use one if you wish.
I am using a tube from ©verymany available at
you can use any tube you want, 
just please!!! Give credit where credit is due and use the proper © Copyright on your tag.

you will need Plugins: 
AAA Frame foto frame
VM Extravaganza Aura Decoder
both available here (
Nik Color Efex Pro Photoshop Plugin 1.0e B/W Conversion
(will explain how to do it with out this as well)

You may choose your own fonts I used:
-Script-S721-Three for word art, and -Martina for my name.


Open PSP
Open a new image 600x600
Set your foreground and background to your choice of color. 
I used neutral colors from my tube for each.

Create a new raster layer, fill with your background color. 
Apply psp Adjust: add noise with these setting Uniform, 41, Monochrome

crop to 600x350

Apply VM extravaganza Aura Detector on original setting.
Apply Nik Color Efex Pro Photoshop Plugin 1.0e B&W Conversion
(if you don't have this plugin - you can at this point use image greyscale enter 
Copy undo then paste your black and white image back in or use the colored one)

Apply AAA Frame foto frame, settings 20, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 100.

create a new raster layer select all using selections modify contract 20, fill with black or white, (whichever looks good to you). Selections, modify, Contract, 3 enter and hit delete.

Paste your tube as new layer. 
Resize it to fit and move to right side. Apply Effect, 3D, a drop shadow. What ever looks good to you.

Paste word art (or create your own statement) to the left.
Apply Eye candy Corona (or duplicate, adjust brightness to 255 and blur twice move copy below original) merge original to blurred duplicate. Duplicate again and merge the tw duplicate layers.

Place copywrite on tag (can use the step for the wordart to make it stand out if you like) 
add your name or mine :) and save first as a .PSP 

Now save Tags as .jpg with as many different names as you like.

I hope you found this TUT easy to follow 
Written by aDarkTUT