Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blessed Be Tut

This TUT was written for persons with a working knowledge of PSP
Lets Begin you will need to open a new image 
1. Open a new image and add your paper in it
2. Add a moon and resize on the left hand side
3. Duplicate the moon layer and mirror
4.  Add a new layer using a bat at the bottom of the moon layer
5. Duplicate  the bat and mirror
6. Under the bat on the right hand side add a tree branch or flower branch under the bat
7.  Add the tube layer and center it
8. On the tube layer make it overlay and make Opacity 52%
9. Merge all
10 On the merged layer use the foto frame plugin with settings 
w-10, Brightness-0, Stroke-0, 
Matte-1, Red-0, Green-0, Blue-0, 
 Mark More Shadow
11. Add stars using  Alien Skin Xenofex 2 Constellation
12.  Add the Tube
13.  Add text
Tag done by Astro who also helped by writing up the tut 

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